About the organisers - 2017 EGPA Annual Conference

About the European Group for Public Administration

EGPA – Improving Administrative Sciences Worldwide
The EGPA is a regional group of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS) whose purpose is to strengthen contacts and exchanges among European specialists in Public Administration, both scholars and practitioners.

It aims to provide academics and practitioners with European Platform for Public Administration.  




About Remaps

politecnicoThe research group on public administration at PoliMi School of Management (called Remaps) has specific core of competences in key areas such as performance measurement and management, and technology and big data. We apply these competences on several areas of public sector, from local governments to health care, from public educational institutes (schools and universities) to public museums and theatres.

Our research activity is strongly integrated with the wider PoliMi’s competences of other departments in fields like applied statistics, design and urban planning. This integration allows us to experiment how public administrations can be inspired by technological innovations to develop citizen-centred new services and policies. This results into an application of our researches to real life contexts and experiences, and we are teaching all this to our students. EGPA 2017 will constitute an outstanding possibility to share our findings with the stimulating community of attendants, and to improve our skills and awareness of new topics and trends that are spreading in the public administration sciences in all Europe.

About PoliMi

Politecnico di Milano (PoliMi) has a specific vocation and a long tradition in developing high-quality research and training in joint collaboration with the economic and social actors in the territory in which it operates. In this framework, PoliMi also developed an attitude to support the development of organizational, technological and methodological solutions that can make governments and administrations more efficient and effective in providing solutions to their citizens. Being Milan at the centre of Europe’s social and economic life, all the activities carried out at PoliMi (teaching, research and ‘third mission’) are typically open to the international exchange and contamination.

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