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18 Aug 2017

Smartphone Conference App out NOW !

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To enhance the proximity to its participants, a smartphone application is specifically developed for the Conference: information, schedules, news and last minute alerts …

Do not miss information about the Conference and check the following link to download the app (for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices) EGPA Conference 1

For other devices, we also have a mobapp version which can be used on any smartphone:

You can also scan the following QR code with your device to access the app directly.


IRAS/RISA usually publishes some of the best papers from EGPA conferences. Not everyone realizes all the advantages of publishing in IRAS/RISA, so it may help if I spell some of them out here:

  • You may submit in French or English,
  • If accepted, your paper will be published not only in the French (RISA) and English (IRAS) editions of the journal, but also in Chinese edition. Translations into other languages will be arranged by the journal – you do not have to organize that yourself,
  • IRAS is published by Sage and has a very wide global circulation both in hard copy and electronically. Electronic downloads of articles have run at over 70,000 per annum for the English version, and over 150,000 the French version,
  • IRAS is a JCR-ranked journal (Public Administration 23 out of 47) and its 2016 year Impact factor is 1.350,
  • The French edition (RISA) is also available on the CAIRN electronic platform (as well as in hard copy, as in the past)
  • RISA is also on Babel.
  • All submitted papers that are assessed as suitable by the editors will then be subjected to a double-blind review process. It needs to be understood that quite a lot of papers fall out at this stage – in fact, like all top journals, we receive many more papers than we can publish.

How to submit

There are basically two ways of approaching submission. One is to submit as an individual In which case it is very simple:

If you are submitting as an individual, go to the website: and upload your paper (7000 words max.) according to the instructions on screen.

If you are a Study Group chairperson, then consider the following second possibility:

The other way of approaching submission is to think in terms of submitting a group of related papers, to be published as a symposium. In this case the study group chairperson should submit a 2-5 page outline of the proposed symposium/theme which should include: A statement of the theme/focus/topic; A rationale as to why this topic is important at the present time; A statement as to what would be novel/original in the particular treatment proposed;A list of all the paper titles, each with a very brief abstract; The names and affiliations of the proposed authors and An estimated timetable for the writing and submission of the papers. This proposal should be sent to the Editor-in-Chief, , and to the Journal Manager,  


Prof. Andrew Massey

IRAS Editor in Chief

EdoardoOngaroMilan 2017 – Perspectives for Public Administration in Europe

As President of the European Group for Public Administration, I am especially delighted to invite you to join us for the 2017 EGPA Annual Conference in Milan (Italy).

It will be a great occasion to convene together and to gather European academics and practitioners during three very intense days, hosted by the Politecnico di Milano (PoliMi) School of Management at the new Bovisa Campus, itself a case of reconversion from the industrial activities of post-WWII to the economy of knowledge.

This will be also an opportunity for the young European Researchers in public administration to convene during the PhD and early career researchers symposium that will be held the two days before the Conference opening. Young public administration scholars will have an important opportunity to share their research experiences, to benefit of the theoretical and methodological recommendations of the Chairs and the invited Speakers for carrying out their thesis research, and to get to know each other and work together for building the scholarly community of the future of public administration research in Europe and beyond.

EGPA is back to Milano after 11 years. It is nice to see both crucial continuity and significant change. The spirit of EGPA, the sense of community, the intellectual vivacity and friendly climate of the Permanent Study Groups are the same: they embody the distinctive EGPA model and the contribution that EGPA furnishes to the field of public administration and public management in Europe and worldwide. Many programmes and activities are new: the EGPA Policy Papers on European Governance, to share knowledge with practitioners; the project ‘European Perspectives for Public Administration’ (EPPA), to develop a vision twenty years from now of the public administration of the future; the dialogue conferences with the scholarly communities across the world, to engage into generation of knowledge that is sensitive to context diversity; these are examples of novelties that have changed EGPA and its contribution to the study and the practice of public administration.

Unprecedented is also the sheer number of EGPA Permanent Study Groups, and the coverage of themes and sub-fields of inquiry and research, necessary to tackle a growing demand for the social scientific as well as the practical knowledge and wisdom for the development of public administration. The 22 Permanent Study Groups will find a most appropriate venue for their sessions and special panels.

The Local Organisers from Politecnico di Milano will take the opportunity to share with the 2017 EGPA Conference participants their expertise in developing high-quality research and training in collaboration with local stakeholders, as well as the organizational, technological and methodological solutions to support the bettering of government. The sharing of practices will also be a leitmotiv of the Conference.

In Milan, the participants will enjoy the unique traits of the capital of the Lombardy region and will certainly be impressed by the cultural offer of a lively city: the magnificent cathedral, the Duomo (‘there is no place where I feel more European than when I am in a gothic cathedral’, used to say one of the Founding Fathers of the European Union); the theatre Teatro alla Scala, world famous; the most impressive collections of artistic masterpieces from Italy and all over Europe. All this and much more will provide us with several reasons to be willing to stay longer in Milan and Italy.

We look forward to welcoming you in Milan and to your active participation to the 2017 EGPA conference!

Concludo questo messaggio di benvenuto con un caloroso invito a partecipare alla conferenza del 2017 del Gruppo Europeo di Amministrazione Pubblica. Spero di vedervi numerosi!

Prof. Edoardo Ongaro,

President of EGPA

img_9204Dear colleagues,

Politecnico di Milano (PoliMi) School of Management is really excited for the opportunity of hosting the EGPA 2017 Conference. We are aware of how vibrant and dynamic is the community of scholars who animate the research and debate in the field of public administration, and the EGPA Conference is the elected yearly venue for giving stage to this community. Our University is all very committed to make its most effort for guaranteeing an excellent organization under any points of view: proposing innovative and interesting plenary sessions, favouring exchanges and interactions during the social events, making the participants comfortable with the spaces and facilities when attending group works and sessions.

We want seriously reinforce our commitment towards the EGPA community. Since many years, colleagues here at the School of Management participate to the academic life of the annual Conference and contribute to several permanent groups, and our willing is to encourage others to do so even more actively and enthusiastically. Our aim is to allow EGPA 2017 being a new starting point for this purpose.

Thanks a lot for giving us this opportunity to organize the 2017 EGPA Annual Conference.

We look forward to welcoming you in Milan next August!

Prof. Giovanni Azzone, Dean 



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